The aim of this project was to facilitate the communication and relocation of beneficiaries from emergency prone areas, such as those living along the railway line in Khayelitsha, on SANRAL land in Strand, etc. to serviced sites in Bardale, Phase 1 – Phase 5.

The project scope included:

  • Identification of the legitimate, relevant stakeholders;
  • The introduction of the project to the relevant stakeholders and ongoing consultation and engagement throughout the development of the project;
  • Identifying destitute beneficiaries in the target communities, who were eligible for relocation to Bardale, in consultation with the Informal Settlements Officer responsible for each of the target communities;
  • Completion of a survey questionnaire, and conducting a beneficiary survey for each phase of the project;
  • Tracing of beneficiaries in the Housing Waiting List Database for completion of subsidy application forms;
  • Conflict Resolution and the resolution of ownerships claims;
  • Facilitation the approval of the beneficiary list by the City of Cape Town;
  • The establishment of the Project Steering Committee;
  • Chairing of community and PSC meetings;
  • Successful relocation of the beneficiaries to the serviced site;

Through this process, Umtha managed to facilitate the relocation of 4470 beneficiaries from various settlements around the City to Bardale.