Umtha was tasked with facilitating the establishment of effective community participation structures for this project.

Umtha’s other responsibilities included:

  • Identifying key community stakeholders, including but not limited to non-government organisations (NGOs), business forums, political parties, residents associations, etc. through literature reviews, networking, community canvassing, and client liaison;
  • Gaining insight into the social and political dynamics within the area, and communicating same to the Department of Human Settlements;
  • Dispute resolution by involving community leadership when it came to claims of ownership;
  • Establishment of a project Steering Committee;
  • Chairing community and PSC meetings;
  • Facilitation of the subsidy application process;
  • Ensuring ongoing public participation through convening general community meetings, allocation, and handover of houses;
  • Providing translation services and interpreting housing policies and types of housing subsidies (from English to IsiXhosa and vice versa), at PSC and community meetings