The project scope included:

  • Introducing the project to the various stakeholders within the community that is directly and indirectly affected by the project, in order to solicit their buy-in and cooperation;
  • Establishment of the Project Steering Committee;
  • Organisation and chairing of the Project Steering Committee meetings in consultation with the Project Manager;
  • Verification of the beneficiary list for Siyahlala Informal Settlement and compilation of the beneficiary list for Siyanyanzela Informal Settlement;
  • Facilitation of the approval of the beneficiary list by the community and the City of Cape Town;
  • Organisation of ongoing community meetings to give feedback about developments in the project;
  • Conflict and dispute resolution relating to conflicts arising from the project activities;
  • Subsidy administration to the beneficiaries (in progress);
  • Relocation of the 2680 beneficiaries to the serviced sites (in progress);